Top 10 Theaters To Visit In Chicago

The most superlative theatrical auditoriums you must experience.

Map by Bartosz Lobaza on Google My Maps

As far as my memory goes, unlike my peers, I was never really fond of today’s genre of music which consists of pop, jazz and rap. And to my fortune, many of the constituents of our society have also found the present genre of music to be an oversimplification.

At this age many of us grew to cherish and enjoy today’s electronic music of pop or the booming of rap. But those still attached to a past or them whom desire for a more voguish genre should not be and are not left out.

Some of us instead drive towards more modish complexities of music. Those requiring more finesse rather than trend.

Classical music and symphonic vocal performances are such chords. The era of classical music has always been fond of among the nobility of the past, the elderly of the present but additionally the unspeakable youth of minorities. A delicate yet elegant string instruments. The energetic rumble of percussion. Accompanied by stunning harmonic vocal performances. What’s there not to love?

In a world dominated by pop, rock and rap, it is difficult for those who wish to experience such luxuries to locate such opulent auditoriums, so in a manner of a gift, here’s a map that will show you where can you find those prestigious theatres or opera houses in an area of Chicago. And there are plenty!

Student at University of Illinois at Chicago